Honored that this cat @mikebrun.mp3 learned my solo on Zhivago from my solo piano jazz album “Cubism” for @weareheartcorerecords which celebrates the contemporary genius of @kurtisrosenwinkel . It’s high praise to learn someone’s solo in my world. It requires patience and persistence which shows that the person finds enough value in what you are doing to even bother. I feel the love.
I remember having some difficulty getting to the core of this famous tune of Kurt’s while recording at and then suddenly realizing I wanted to combine the Doobie Brothers with Keith Jarrett and this epic take happened. This is one of my favorite moments off the album and there are plenty. Here, Mike is playing my right hand part while my left hand part is dropping the #counterbop . I remember the thrill we had in the studio during the playback and i still feel it. And so I’m thrilled Mike decided to share in the nectar! Thx PLAYA! #ELEW #KurtRosenwinkel #Jazz #jazzpiano #jazzguitar #piano #classicalpiano

TikTok is gold 🙌🏽😄🙌🏽❤️💰!

Can my man just chill while he riding? This is pretty much my peak bucket list over and over which makes it great. Piano goals achieved. Instagram Records is where you can find me 😆🙌🏽💰.
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#elewclips - #Crawling

I had the pleasure of meeting #ChesterBennington during a screening of the Watchmen years ago. What a great fellow. What a great band. It was these guys‘ music that inspired my #Rockjazz concept and approach. I had just left the jazz world, not pleased with what I felt others would have me be ok with, professionally. I had already come through deep mental pain and depression to get to that point and having broken away, was looking for a way to more powerfully utilize my technique and the unquenchable desire to light audiences on Fire. And it was a random kid who suggested I check these guys out.The rest is history. ELEW came to be. And Rockjazz came with me. And a career of crazy energy and amazing moments. Looking back, I realize my issues with the music business were actually more due to my own flaws in reasoning and approach rather than the business itself. However, the irony is that had I been the perfect lil angel who did everything sweet and pretty and polished and acceptable and accessible for the industry, I’d never have developed the massive ELEW skills I ended up needing to psychologically and physically survive my mistakes. Even more importantly, these hard fought skills have ended up allowing me to Execute my most creative, ground breaking Ideas. Trippy. Well, I’m on my way to San Diego to drop a Supernova on this opulent private event with a little help from some Rockjazz and my turntables. As I travel down the highway, I’m reminded of my journey to this point and what’s coming up. And that it all started with this iconic rock band Linkin Park lighting up the Planet and inspiring me when deeply trying to find Somewhere I Belonged had me Crawling in my skin. I thank you, fellows. #ELEW #LinkinPark #MikeShinoda #Rockjazz #piano

Shout out to @linkinpark !

Shout out to @m_shinoda !


And remember! The #ELEWCLIPSJAM is open to all! #dj #singers #dancers #rappers #visualartists #instrumentalists #poets

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#elewclips - #Cherokee (MarkII)

I really like to practice. Especially when I’m in #SanFrancisco . It’s a shed town to me. Tony Stark energy. Today I decided to push the speed envelope a bit and see how yours truly’s cerebral projection area’s grasp of its temporal toy box neurophysically coalesced with the pressures of a meta-observation effect while confronting the usual counter-proprioceptive suspects, up to no good as usual, intransigent rascals that they be. These are the results, and I suppose I’m somewhat charmed. Alas and However, I must needs contemplate some things for a period of time and then I figure I can be a lil bit better around the edges. This isn’t over, Cherokee. 🔥😐🔥#ELEW #WholeGod #jazzpiano #piano #jazz

#elewclips rerun

Whether good or bad, Human Nature is human nature. This song surely captures such a universal sentiment and it’s beautiful. Love to play it. #ELEW #MichaelJackson #Toto #rnb #pop #jazz #jazzpiano

#SanFrancisco ! Honored to perform with @sowetokinch at @sfjazz tonite along with @nicholaspayton @hutchmaniac @marcusshelby and the gang! I had the fortune to record on Soweto’s AMAZING album “the Black Peril” a phenomenal mixture of the entire tradition of Black Musics into a profound exploration into all things Culturally Impactful. Come out one of these nights and vibe with us. It’s sure to be a Bop!! The Black Peril!!
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